Aziza Brahim: The Sahrawi songbird beating drums for freedom +info

Review: Aziza Brahim @ Union Chapel (London, 22nd September 2016) +info

Aziza Brahim, Union Chapel, gig review: ‘A textured and commanding voice of the Saharawi people’ +info

«Aziza Brahim‘s album ‘Abbar el Hamada’ is full of emotions, intellectual lyrics and music that everybody should listen to.» 8/10 Distorsioni

«Abbar el Hamada is inspiring to say the least, and one of those ‘must hear’ albums that come along every once and a while. Aziza Brahim is not only a musician but also a hopeful revolutionary whose music has the ability to touch and effect many. Another wonderful album to add to her catalogue.» 8/10 Louder Than War

“The previous album, ‘Soutak’ from 2014 was critically acclaimed by the specialist world roots press, but, if anything, the new album is a good deal stronger and more cohesive in its overriding objectives.” 4/5 review of Aziza Brahim‘s new album ‘Abbar el Hamada’ UK Vive

«While singing about the hopes and aspirations of her own people, she has also created an album of songs which captures the plight of refugees and displaced people everywhere. This is a powerful and heartrending collection of songs which should be compulsory listening for anyone who still doesn’t understand the pain these people are experiencing.»

A wonderful look into Aziza Brahim‘s life, work and new album on Qantara (DE).

“Aziza Brahim is from Western Sahara and has lived in exile in Cuba and Barcelona, and those musical influences are discernible (“La Cordillera Negra”, with its tremulous guitar, sounds like Orchestra Baobab’s vintage Senegalese refractions of Cuban Son), but the characteristic sharp crackle of West African percussion roots the album very definitively.” ****

Financial Times (UK)

Grieving for the exiled thousands stranded in an inhospitable tract of Western Sahara, whose only escape is “music and imagination”. Potent stuff. Theguardian

matched powerful songs of Sahrawi defiance with laments for the refugees . Theguardian

«One of this year’s best albums!»

  RADIO BRUSKIN (ME) adores new Aziza Brahim‘s album ‘Abbar el Hamada’.

– – fRoots Magazine’s amazing 5-star review of Aziza Brahim’s upcoming album ‘Abbar el Hamada’.

«She just gets better as she goes along. Here she’s shifting the focus to West Africa for her third release. And what a beautifully executed and mature piece of work it is. The spirit of protest music is alive and well and has rarely cast such a spell.» 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

The back-story adds poignancy to this beautiful collection of songs, but even if you don’t understand the lyrics the outstanding musicianship makes Abbar el Hamada a joy to encounter. Rhythm Passport

«Dark, beautiful and magnetic music with a sense of timelessness.»

– HD’s (SE) beautiful review of my upcoming album ‘Abbar el Hamada’

Estreno del video «Calles de Dajla» en la sección de cultura EL PAIS

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